Mighty Mike gets animated

World’s most licensable pug Might Mike gets hilarious CGI animation with TeamTO

Posted 13.09.2018 | Watch

Mighty Mike gets animated thumbnail

Who doesn’t love a pug? People wear them on t-shirts and backpacks, drink from pug mugs and water bottles, walk in pug sneakers and fluffy slippers, put pugs on pillows and notebooks and jewelry and phone cases and…and anything else you can imagine with an adorable, scrunched up pug face. But… can you name that pug? Do you know where he lives, what his dreams are, who his crush is and who his enemies are?

Well now, thanks to TeamTO’s hilarious new, action-packed CG animated series, the world of licensing can finally put a name to that face. And that name is Mighty Mike.

Mighty Mike is a refined pug with sophisticated tastes who longs for a quiet life but is forced to defend his house from a bunch of furry intruders and maddening pets instead. Raccoons, turtles and Fluffy the cat have a knack for showing up at the worst possible moments, dragging Mike into a series of unforeseen twists and turns – and making him miss yet another opportunity to impress Cindy, the neighbour’s elegant dog.

Produced by maverick kids content creator TeamTO, with Canada’s Digital Dimension, Mighty Mike (78 x 7) is a CG animated, dialogue-free slapstick comedy for 6-11 year olds, in the style of Tom & Jerry-meets-silly pet videos. TeamTO’s revolutionary production has resulted in a level of photorealism that is virtually unparalleled in the world of kids television, and will be screened for the first time at Mipcom Junior. Distributed by CAKE, the series debuts across the globe in 2019 on Boomerang Worldwide, France Télévisions, and Super RTL Germany.

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